Monday, September 07, 2009

Nicey Bicycles!

Ok, I have to explain this phrase. "Nicey bicycles," is something that my friend's foreign exchange student used when he really liked something. It sort of stuck, and oh, how I love this prhase (clearly, since I went as far as to embroider it on a pillow).

Remember that bicycle I free-hand "drew" with my sewing machine? Well, with the purchase of our new sofa, I was inspired to turn it into a pillow.

I made the seat red to match this guy:

Are you a little bit sick of the white cross? Well, this white cross was the original prototype for the quilt. But, as you see, it's much bigger than the one I end up using. And so it hung on my inspiration board until this week...when I decided it would be the perfect "pimiento" on our new "olive" sofa.

So the pairing of the bicycle and the cross were unplanned, but I think they are a perfect little pair adding the pop we needed.

I even put zippers in them! I conquered the zipper again!!


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LilacClouds said...

very nice,Ive been on a pillow kick lately as well. I have to to attempt a zipper they scare me, yet when my husband asked why I couldn't quite explain the fear lol. Love the dot fabric on the back of the bicycle pillow, I have some of it as well :-)