Tuesday, June 26, 2007

They Do

My dear friends Karen and Scott were married this weekend in Lake Tahoe. Man, was everything beautiful. The setting, the food, the decorations, the dress, the vows, the weather. All of it, perfect.

The backdrop = Lake Tahoe and the mountains. Can you even stand it?

Karen made every guest a personalized pin...conversation starters, if you will. Mine said, "Cubanita" & Darren's had a child's drawing of a doctor.

She also spent days making tissue paper flowers in greens and blues, which were simple and lovely. They didn't smell, but the coffee beans they sat upon smelled scrumptious!

One of my favorite things was that Karen wore rhinestone-studded flip flops. It was so "Karen." Darren's favorite thing was that there was no dancing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

UFOs be Gone!

UFO = Unfinished Objects

I have a lot of them, but that's all a-changing. Manic Monday turned into an entire WEEK of maniacal behavior.

When I organized all my fabric a few weeks back, I also had enough UFOs to fill a good-sized rubbermaid. Two of which are blankets. This first one was supposed to be one of the two I promised to Sister Bernice for Lent. I ended up giving her one I had made ages ago in lieu of this one.

The red plaid squares are from a pair of Old Navy PJs I bought for $1.99 after Valentine's Day. So silly. And did you notice the "paint by number" fabric?

And this blanket, well, it's for someone special. I modeled it after this blanket, using her suggestion to back with knit. It is luxuriously cozy, but a bit challenging to sew with. I also liked her idea for a "toy tag".

The woven bit was the drawstring from those $1.99 old navy PJ bottoms. So resourceful, right? And lastly, the goldfish are symbolic, not just because they're totally adorable but, because (you ready for one of my longish/short stories?) I belong to a group of girls someone once called us the "Twitty Committee" and the name stuck. It's rumored (tho not likely true, but we like it anyhow) a twit is a pregnant goldfish. So, for a new little junior Twit (though he's a boy), he gets a blankie with goldfishies.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tiny Satchel

Here's the little bag I dreamt up in class yesterday. Not something I would typically carry (and maybe I won't), but it was therapeutic to make and I think it's cute.

p.s. Made entirely of supplies I already had....the linen was leftover from an Anthropologie tablecloth which I turned into a bedskirt. Am I so green or what?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

There are some days I just kick myself because I just can't motivate... and at the end of the day, I have nothing to show. It's so depressing. Well, today I made up for all those days. I had the manic day of all days... and it ain't over, y'all.

I got up, went to Bar Method, washed my car (inside and out), ate lunch with Darren, put elastic in the waistband of my new dress, went to the library & checked out 2 books, went to the drug store, produce market, came home & made myself a mojito, and some cilantro dip from Everyday Food.

Then, I was in the caribbean spirit, so I made some baked plantain chips (came out so-so). Then the oven was on (I'm trying to be green), and I had some extra butterscotch chips, so I made a couple dozen peanut butter butterscotch cookies (again, from Everyday Food). Meanwhile, steaming a couple artichokes & doing a load of laundry...which I'll get to.

I have been trying to get rid of magazines, so I was weeding out my Everyday Food recipes, when I came across cherry turnovers. Well, well, whaddaya know? I have all those ingredients! And the oven is still on, I'll just whip up some of those.

So, now that the turnovers are almost done, they day is still young, so I'm gonna get the fabric I just washed out of the dryer and make a bag I was imagining in my mind during thigh-work at Bar Method (it was my happy place).

So, that's my day so far (I love not working sometimes). It's a good thing my favorite little fabric store was closed - there might have been problems and unnecessary purchasing. Trust me, there are days I can count my accomplishments on one finger...but it's just so much better to be manic! Doncha think?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recycled Art

Ok, this is my last post about Honduras. But... you know when you go someplace, you don't want to bring home crappy souvenirs for people, such as the shellacked seashell pillbox, or the keyholder with Honduran currency embedded in it. You want something authentic, made in that country, by people from that country. I was so excited to stumble upon this gift shop in Roatan that sold these (and other work like it):

This artist designs pieces from recycled materials (metal, wood, stone). Many of her pieces, like this one, are created by Honduran women. And a portion of her proceeds goes toward helping battered women. So, you can feel good about beautifying your home, bringing home a legit souvenir, being environmentally responsible, supporting a good cause, and supporting the local economy.

I hadn't realized it until now, but I have noticed her work at Hands Gallery, in San Luis Obispo for years now. I even own some of her products! ...Small world.

Jammin' (and so on)

"So, what did you do this morning?"
"I made jam. What did you do?"

This is not an uncommon conversation. In fact, early in my nursing classes, I confessed that I blanched peaches instead of reading, and so it became the joke the remainder of the program. *hands up* I admit it - I'm unusual!

So, what did I do this morning? Well, while I was waiting for my oil to be changed, I was strolling around the neighborhood and saw this little mom 'n' pop produce market. Big box of discarded apricots....hmmmm.

"Hi there. Just curious what you were going to do with all those apricots."
"You want them?"
"Yes, please!"

And here I am making my most favorite jam from, of all places, an Amy (and David) Butler Jam & Jelly book. If I just lost you, this book is how it all started...

When I was in Virginia 3 years ago, I went to Border's Books. Near the front register, were stacks of the discounted books. I have always loved to make jam, and I saw this book (for $4.95 - thankyouverymuch) and just loved the layout. Who was this Amy and David Butler? Art of the Midwest? I researched and fell upon Amy Butler's fabrics, Reprot Depot, blogs, and the whole rest of this obsession is history.

Silly story, I know. And that $4.95 has turned into hundreds after that Amy Butler snowball.

But, the apricots were free.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Bread...I Tell Ya

I never get sick of this gorgeous bread. This time, 1/2 whole wheat, and 2.5x the salt. Dee-lish!

La Cena

Props to all those Cuban housewives...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's for Dinner?

Roasted pork, black beans, rice, fried plantains, and (of course) mojitos from one of my staple cookbooks.

Pretty in Pink

This past weekend, I went to San Luis Obispo to help throw my sister a baby shower. Yes, I'm going to be an auntie again! The shower was a blast!

We asked our friend CeRae if she would make cookie favors for the party (as you'll see, she makes beautiful cookies) She wanted a little inspiration from the invitations. So, here are the invitations:

And here are the cookies!

Arent't they almost too beautiful to eat? I say almost, because I managed to eat mine (surprising, I know). And they are quite tasty too! Each was presented in a little plastic case with a perfect pink bow. The cookies were a huge hit - CeRae definitely outdid herself.

Here's one of the gifts I gave Monica. I'm into these onesies, can you tell?