Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buon Viaggio!

I'm off to Italy for 10 days!

Miss me!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Get Out of My Kitchen!

Well, it was actually Trista's kitchen, and Gina did most of the cooking (both were fab-u-lous). Kate took all the photos, and I just showed up for world's most awesome 1950s housewive-themed 30th birthday brunch (yes, we're still celebrating, and I'm not complaining).

Thank you ladies for being so good to me!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alemany Farmer's Market

The Alemany Farmer's Market is THE BOMB.

Look at all the goodness we got last weekend:

My favorite part of the day was when, upon entering the market, D says to me, "Now Sara, let's remember that we don't have a lot of space, and we're only 2 people, so let's not go crazy buying things." ...and who do you think ended up going crazy? Mmmhmm. Hey, no complaints from this camp!

Birthday Handbag

Remember this post? Well, this one's a bit similar.

So, let me back up by telling you that all my belongings are in storage, temporarily. I moved out of my old place, and am staying with D until I get new digs. Until then, I kept the essentials (clothes, shoes, toothbrush, sewing machine, fabric) and packed everything else up. Stupidly, I only kept one purse out - a Timbuk2... not that any of my other bags are dressy, but at least they don't look like I'm about to deliver blueprints across town on my mountain bike.

...Back to the story. I took myself to the mall for a little intended birthday shopping spree - from which I came home empty handed. I decided, with limited space, and with too many belongings to begin with (you're reminded of how gross you are when you put everything in boxes and fill a storage shed to the brim), that I would use my resources and make myself a bag instead (I still need an "adult purse", but this would do for now).

This is the little clutch from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, which is also packed away. I used leftover fabric from this project and this project (which I'm still totally obsessed with). And I stole the spare button from one of my coats (nevermind that I have 1 bajillion buttons in storage).

It was perfect for all my little necessities, and was a therapeutic birthday treat to myself.

30 + 1 day

Yesterday I entered my 3rd decade - yipes! And I am realizing more and more what fabulous friends I have.

Two of my best girlfriends took me to Twain Harte for a little weekend getaway this past weekend (photos forthcoming). We just relaxed, hiked, sat in a raft in the middle of the lake, watched a movie, ate, drank, and were in bed before 10:00. Now that's my kind of vacation (I have ALWAYS loved being in bed before 10:00 - it's not just because I've turned 30)!

And last night, we went to Thirsty Bear Brewing Company for a day-of celebration. The food was delicious, but the company better. And I got so spoiled!!! I got this book and this book (because I'm saving the planet), some scrumptious L'Occitane goodies, a new sewing storage box (it's a disgrace what I'm using now!), a recipe divider/multiplier, and (drum roll, please) a red Le Creuset round oven!! *high kick*

See what I mean about being spoiled? I am so grateful.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm so sad it's over!

Having the Bay Bridge closed and taking BART to work the last three days has afforded me the luxury of reading for 2 hours a day (a library deadline helps, too).

A couple of months ago, I finished (and LOVED) the Kite Runner, so I had to read this one too.

I'm no book critic, but I devoured this book - I loved and hated the characters, and learned so much about Afghanistan - I highly recommend both books (preferably accompanied by a box of kleenex).

I always get so sad after finishing a book - I feel like I've lost a friend. I need a rebound.... suggestions?