Monday, January 29, 2007

See Sara Run...Again

Here is the table runner I brought to our Twitty Holiday Party gift exchange. I almost didn't give it up, I loved it so much.

I made it with Amy Butler fabrics and linen from PeaPod Fabrics.

My mom and sister got similar runners for Christmas, but with technical difficulties and a new house, respectively, I have not managed to coax them into sending me photos of their runners. I got wise and snapped the shot before letting it go this time.

I just love that fabric!!!



Update: Monica sent me a photo of her runner. Slightly different, see?

Happiness is...

...Having all your ladies (and Darren) in one room.

I should be so lucky.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Peasant Pies

Ok, here we go with the food again...But, I just have to say, I love peasant pies. That's all there is to it! They're inexpensive, delicious, convenient, healthy, tidy, they keep for days in the fridge, and they're good hot or cold (of course, I prefer my food hot & toasty). Perfect airplane and picnic food...or housewarming or on-the-go...or rainy day or dropped-in-guests. Ok, essentially, they're good any time, any place.

My favorites are: Basque Beef & Potato, Spinach Feta, Black Bean Tofu, Spicy Eggplant & my new favorite, Orzo Primavera. You can buy them at the Peasant Pie shop, or at many health food stores around the City.

You should try one.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Woman About Town

It took me a while, but I really love living in the City. Here's one reason why: Dine About Town. You can indulge in a 4-star lunch for $22 (without bevvy).

My friend, Sarah, and I had a delicious lunch at Asia de Cuba at the Clift. I felt like an imposter (it was so chic), but maaaan was it fabulous! Ok, we didn't get out of there for $22, but it was a delightful, delicious afternoon.

Other Dine About Town dinners I've tasted: XYZ, First Crush, Tablespoon, and tonight Le Colonial.

Update: We ended up going to Roy's instead. The macadamia nut Ahi was delish - but next time, I'm getting the shrimp. And the molten chocolate cake was enough to bring me back. Now that I think about it, I could just have a cocktail and that cake for dinner. Date, anyone?

Wooly Bag for Robyn

You were probably starting to think this was a "What's Sara Eating Now?" Blog...but no. My inspiration to re-start blogging was to showcase my latest creations (I suppose food could be included.... I do have a lasagna in the oven if you're interested...)

This is a herringbone wool tote I made for my nursing friend, Robyn. It has a red interior and I am in love with it! I think Robyn loved it too...

I bought the fabric from this cute little neighborhood quilt store, Peapod fabrics, around the corner from my house (Most of the website is in Japanese, but come see for yourself next time you're in the neighborhood).