Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Love It, I Love It, I Love It

This was probably the greatest gift of the season (and of all time). A big box of pomegranates, persimmons, and jars!!! Oh, and the best part was a written open invitation to pick fruits and vegetables from the Palmers' garden. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

This one gets 10 high kicks. Thank you, Palmers!

photo credits: DMF, while I was shelling pomegranates and creatively directing from the kitchen.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Doctor Baskets

Every year, I organize holiday baskets for our doctors and social support staff at the hospital. This year my contribution was screen printed tote bags.

This was the state of our kitchen the other day (D, please look away) - bags everywhere!

The doctors got anatomical heart totes. Non-medical staff got bicycles.

Here they are bundled, and ready to go. I hope they liked them!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Water Go, Spaghetti Stay

When my parents were first married, my dad was still learning English. He loved to cook even back then, but when making spaghetti, he needed a colander but didn't know the word.

"Do you have a, you know, water-go-spaghetti-stay?"

To this day, we still call it that. I commemorated with these tea towels:

They were a hit! ...I shouldda made one for myself!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is It Too Much?

Well, here it is. I'm basically all done shopping and wrapping. Of course, I will probably come up with a brilliant (involved) gift idea tonight or tomorrow and bust my tail until Christmas morning. But for now, I think I'm done. Tomorrow I schlep them all to San Luis Obispo!

Is it too much?

This years package theme: brown postal wrap, red & white bakers twine, and Avery tags stamped with recipient's initials. Ooh, how I love those Avery tags!

(Monica, this one's for you!)

And could it be Christmas without the high-kicking skeleton angel? Don't think so...

After Christmas, I'll reveal a couple of the projects I had going on this year. Until then, and if I don't post again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yo Quiero

In a perfect world, this is what my "fancy" dinner party table looks like. Found on this blog, originally (and photo) by Emersonmade. I want the "EAT" linens and I want all those flowers and maybe I'll wear a flower on my shirt too while I'm serving dinner. I like the wine glasses, that aren't wine glasses at all. And I love the kraft paper table runner.

You know what? This table doesn't even need dinner. I would just leave it set like this to admire and take photos of. Oh, but I would probably drink all the wine and just refill the glasses with my cool carafe.

This is totally me. I want.

p.s. This is my 300th post! Sonofagun...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tea Towels

I made these little tea towels for the Loosies gift exchange last night.

Una bicicleta...

And who wouldn't want an anatomical heart tea towel?

Oh, my screen printer is going to get some mileage this year!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Team Skywalker

I'm still totally having fun with my screen printing.

For Halloween, the nurses on my shift decided to dress in a Star Wars theme. But I was a little lazy (and not much of a Star Wars fan), so I screen printed a baseball raglan shirt with Team Skywalker instead. A copout, I know, but I stuck with the theme! But I found a Star Wars-esque font and everything!

My friend at work loved the print so much, that she had me print one of her own shirts. She actually MADE this t-shirt! So crafty & courageous! Even I don't attempt to tackle knits! And good thing I didn't mess it up, phew!

I will be so proud when she wears it!

Something Like That

I was so inspired by this post (it's even my computer wallpaper!), I got right up from the sofa and started putting together scraps from my scrap bin. I didn't think too hard, I just tried to stick to a couple colors. I'm still totally in love with the original, but I gave it a shot.

It's become something like this:

Stay tuned for completion (but give me about 2 months or so...).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank You Quilt

It's been one month exactly since I last posted...sorry. I know you've heard that before, but... Anyhow, I have been working on something (a couple things, maybe), but I just haven't been able to show you until now :)

D's mom threw us a lovely engagement party in New York this summer, and I wanted to express my appreciation. She loves blue and loves butterflies, so I simply had to build a quilt around this MoMo Wonderland fabric - it was perfect! (You've seen it before in pink)

It didn't start out as a zig-zag quilt, but things seldom end up the way I set out to make them. I love it though, and I hope she does too!

Between about 1:00 and 1:12, we get a tiny bit of sunshine in our apartment. I had to capture it while it lasted.

And yes, I realize I'm an ungrateful wretch as the party was in July and I'm just now giving her this quilt. I know....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beyond Excited!

I have been wanting to learn how to screenprint for years now. I finally took the class last weekend, gathered all my supplies, and went for it!

Let me point out that immediately upon my first step, I messed up (added too much water). I forged ahead anyhow with fingers crossed.

So, what started as a little doodle:

...was turned into an transparency:

...was developed into a screen:

...and became these!!:

Here's a closeup of my first one on paper:

And by the last one, I must have been pressing too hard or made too many passes with ink:

And it even looked great on fabric (my eventual goal):

(woops, accidentally enhanced this photo)

I am squealing and high-kicking with excitement! YAY!!! Ok, what's next?

I'm A Winner!

And, frankly, this is how I feel about the whole thing...

One of my very favorite blogs, Pink Chalk Studio, had a big giveaway last week. And I won! There were actually several winners, but I think I won the best prize of all - $10 to her fabric shop.

Kathy's blog was one of the very first blogs I ever read, and this project in particular sparked this project of mine...and, well, the rest is history.

By the way, I AM working on something at the moment, I just won't let you see it until it's finished.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Screen Printing Class

My family bought me a screen printing class for my birthday. I was SO looking forward to taking this class! It was this past weekend and it was pretty much rad. I can't wait to get my hands dirty making stuff... By the way, I highly recommend this class (and this instructor) to anyone interested.

The process is a bit more involved than this, but here's the general idea.

First you make the screen (once you make it, you have it for a while):

Then you burn your image onto the screen:

After rinsing and scrubbing a little, you have your screen ready to go:

Then you ink your screen and squeegee it (make it snappy!):

And voila! Here are the finished products. Mine is the one on the far right. It turned out a little light. I gotta use more muscle next time!

The instructor saw my tears of disappointment (kidding) and offered to trade his for mine. I've already been proudly toting my bag all over the neighborhood. I love it! *high kick*

Oh, the possibilities!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Butternut Squash (Love) Soup

I've got a sick one here at home. I made this soup especially for him. It's the Butternut Squash Parmesan soup from one of my ultimate favorite cookbook, The Daily Soup Cookbook.

I've been on a bad cooking streak, so I think I redeemed myself a little with this soup. Plus, a cream heart on top is worth a couple points.

p.s. except for the cream heart, this soup is really low fat! If you're trying to stay slender through the holidays, this is a good soup to try. And you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Red Ramekins

I can't believe I haven't blogged about these yet. They're my newest favorite things!

I actually bought them at an antique store at the Marin Art & Garden Center (we're 99% sure we're getting married there!!). I have visions of baking little individual macaroni and cheeses with crunchy bread crumb topping. But for now, I mostly just eat yogurt and cereal from them.

I wish I had about 8 more of them, but I'm obsessive like that.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

In the Spirit

(Pun totally intended)

We're having a holiday craft/bake sale at my work next week. I made these little Halloween-themed pennant cards. But this time, I was not too lazy to put them through the printer (pat on the back). I swear, these are so easy to make!

The back (though centered):

I hope they sell like hotcakes!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Petit Pennants Pour les Filles

Girly pennant cards this time.

I loove it! *high kick*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Petit Pennants

I've been meaning to make a pennant for months now, but never really get around to it. While I have finally started making a real one, I was looking for a little more instant gratification today.

(that one little flaggie doesn't want to lie down...I'll iron)

I made this little celebration pennant card in about 5 minutes. I used scraps, of course, and some plain greeting cards from Michael's.

While I was futzing with the card, I accidentally hit something on my camera and it took this photo:

Kinda cool! Now if only I could figure out how to get rid of it....and how to make it do that again, that would be so useful!

Such an easy makeshift greeting card. You could probably throw it through your printer before sewing on it and write, "Hooray!" or "Yay!" or "It's a boy!" or something celebratory like that.

Ooh! Ooh! I'm getting wedding invitation ideas as I write!! Mwahahahah!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Piggy Potholders

Several months ago, D and I happened upon a fabric store in Berkeley. D selected this Echino fabric for me to make "something" out of.

Finally, today I crafted these little potholders while D made us pizza for dinner (which was delish, by the way).

Now they hang on our new pot rack and accessorize our kitchen with a little pop of piggy potholderness (that's alliteration).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Design Within Reach Airstream

It's decided. I definitely want this. Like, really badly. REEEEEEEEALLY badly. This is not just an ol' Airstream trailer - this is the Design Within Reach Airstream, and it comes with an awning and chairs and nice linens and a ball clock and sustainable flooring, and ooooooh, I just want it!

So, if any of you feel like buying me this as a belated birthday present, or a Christmas present to last me the rest of my life, I would totally accept your offer.

Doesn't it make you want to take a year (or many) off and just travel around the country?

Did I mention I want this really badly?

*photo from

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Personal Watermelon

Who ever heard of a personal watermelon???

So silly.

But now I am the proud owner of my own personal watermelon.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Cake Y'all

Look at this beautiful coconut cake my sister (and mother of 3) found time to make for little ol' me! She asked me what kind of cake I wanted, and the nice thing to say would have been, "funfetti" or "a betty crocker cake mix", but I didn't....bad Sara. But look at the cake!!

I can't figure out how to take a good photo in the you get to look at my crappy photos. Trust me, this cake from Paula Deen was scrumptious, decadent, & beautiful. Wasn't that so nice of her? With all she has to do, she made me this cake. Aw, shucks, Monica.

And I have to show you this photo of my niece, Maile. Refuses to take a nap in her own bed, but boy, can this girl nap on the go. Here she is at Costco with a chip sample in her hand snoozing away. I wanted to just eat her up...