Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Screen Printing Class

My family bought me a screen printing class for my birthday. I was SO looking forward to taking this class! It was this past weekend and it was pretty much rad. I can't wait to get my hands dirty making stuff... By the way, I highly recommend this class (and this instructor) to anyone interested.

The process is a bit more involved than this, but here's the general idea.

First you make the screen (once you make it, you have it for a while):

Then you burn your image onto the screen:

After rinsing and scrubbing a little, you have your screen ready to go:

Then you ink your screen and squeegee it (make it snappy!):

And voila! Here are the finished products. Mine is the one on the far right. It turned out a little light. I gotta use more muscle next time!

The instructor saw my tears of disappointment (kidding) and offered to trade his for mine. I've already been proudly toting my bag all over the neighborhood. I love it! *high kick*

Oh, the possibilities!!

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