Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Pre-Travel Projects

Speaking of pre-travel sewing, I made these before our trip last month to New York.

They're coffee cozies, in case you were wondering.

I have been eyeing this butterfly fabric for a while, and now it's my Peet's-size coffee cozy. (I have an assortment in my purse for various sized cups)

And a little piggy cozy for our friend, who some affectionately refer to as "Pork" - I don't get it, don't ask. I just go along with it :)

Are you almost sick of this fabric? Hopefully not, because I still have some left. Bear with me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pre-Travel Sewing Project

Often times, I feel this strong urge to make something just before we leave for a trip (We're going to Thailand and Singapore, by the way - last-minute idea). It doesn't necessarily cut into packing time, or make us late, but it just is part of the packing process.

Today, it was imperative that I try out my ability to make zipper pouches. It just was. I used my funky new hot pink fabric I bought at Bolt in Portland.

Here's the little money purse I'm taking along as my wallet. It's a bit silly-lookin', but it gets the job done.

And here's the little upgraded boxy pouch that is now my makeup holder.

And now we can depart :) See you next week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Malia's Birthday Duvet

My little baby niece turned 9 today!! How did that happen?!

My sister and her family just moved into a new house, and she got a nice new bedroom which she is decorating in a beachy/ocean theme. So, naturally, she needed a new duvet cover to go with the room.

This give me an idea!

I chose "beach glass" tones of Kona cotton - blues, greens, gray, and cream.

I backed it with a sheet in the same hue.

If I was super-awesome, I would have made it into a quilt, but... I might have needed 2 more months to wrestle that beast into a quilt. But I love the way it looks, just as it is. Rumor has it, it's already on the bed! Yay!!

Happy Birthday, Malia! I love you.