Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wishing it was Summer

Here's the Purl Soho storefront from our visit to NYC last summer. I can't wait for strawberry weather to return...

And I will probably have to visit Purl Soho again this trip... I have to, it's a crafter's obligation.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Man Shirts

I totally forgot to post about this one... D's godson, Charlie, turned two (way back in August). He's totally like 2 1/4 by now, such a big boy!

I'm so excited because we leave this Friday for NYC and we'll get to see him!

(like I said, I'm out of this woodgrain fabric and still so sad about it... keep your eyes peeled, people!
But glad I was able to make a super-manly "2" shirt with it before I ran out!)

This is Charlie's 2nd necktie shirt, but when you're a city guy, you've gotta step up the class, you know what I'm sayin'?

I just can't get enough of these necktie shirts... good thing there are lots of little boys around to wear them!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Makeup Brush Roll

I didn't make too many Christmas gifts this year, which was surprisingly liberating. I do love making gifts, but I just end up putting so much pressure on myself to make "the perfect thing".

In any case, here's one pressure-free gift that I did make. I used a modification of this tutorial.

I used a couple of coordinating Joel Dewberry fabrics (I'm obsessed with the herringbone fabric).

And what is super-awesome about using this fabric for a brush roll is that I was able to hide the seams for the brush pockets. They vary in size, which is perfect for brushes that vary in size. High kicks for that!

See? You can't even see the seams!!

This project will take you all of 30 minutes (at most), and if you're not a makeup brush person, you can use it for knitting needles, colored pencils, or even your chopstick collection! :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mug Rug

I'm late on the whole "mug rug" bandwagon, which was so 2009... but whatever.

I made this one in just a few minutes (well, the top anyhow) with some scraps from my scrap bin and I used my favorite old-school bias tape for the binding. I literally just plopped the scraps on white backing and stitched them on one-by-one, freehand. This was an exercise in whimsy.

[sidenote: I'm so sad that I'm officially out of that woodgrain fabric!! I can't find it anywhere! If you spot it, buy me a yard or two and I'll totally pay you back. Must be a supply-demand thing that makes me want it so badly!]

p.s. a "mug rug" is like a cross between a coaster and a place mat - with just enough space for your coffee cup and a pastry :)