Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mug Rug

I'm late on the whole "mug rug" bandwagon, which was so 2009... but whatever.

I made this one in just a few minutes (well, the top anyhow) with some scraps from my scrap bin and I used my favorite old-school bias tape for the binding. I literally just plopped the scraps on white backing and stitched them on one-by-one, freehand. This was an exercise in whimsy.

[sidenote: I'm so sad that I'm officially out of that woodgrain fabric!! I can't find it anywhere! If you spot it, buy me a yard or two and I'll totally pay you back. Must be a supply-demand thing that makes me want it so badly!]

p.s. a "mug rug" is like a cross between a coaster and a place mat - with just enough space for your coffee cup and a pastry :)

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