Thursday, September 24, 2009

Design Within Reach Airstream

It's decided. I definitely want this. Like, really badly. REEEEEEEEALLY badly. This is not just an ol' Airstream trailer - this is the Design Within Reach Airstream, and it comes with an awning and chairs and nice linens and a ball clock and sustainable flooring, and ooooooh, I just want it!

So, if any of you feel like buying me this as a belated birthday present, or a Christmas present to last me the rest of my life, I would totally accept your offer.

Doesn't it make you want to take a year (or many) off and just travel around the country?

Did I mention I want this really badly?

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RG Coleman said...

I'll keep you in mind when I sell mine. Which will be never! : D
It is beyond lovable, you're right. Check out the pics at

Anonymous said...

first off Fafa,if you get an Airstream you will have to steal it back from my cold dead hands. I have wanted one since the 1970's. When my son was a baby we promised we would retire upon his school graduation and tour America. Someone at my Alma Mater,Hampshire College, did a Graduation piece on Art and Design(plus rehab and re construction) and it was all retro with moderm amenities... to die for.....these aficionados have clubs, "cow girl clubs" trailer parks etc. Please rent the Lucy and Dezi movie, about a honeymoon couple "The Long Trailer" a must see... not an airstream but a neat trailer movie. Bertini Franseen