Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Favorite Thing: Macarons

There are some rare occasions at work that we are overstaffed. So, in the event of overstaffing, you can put yourself on a list to get "called off". First on the list, first to get called off. You don't get paid, but you don't have to work either! :) I liken it to winning the lottery...

So, I was called off yesterday and with my free afternoon, I walked down to Hayes Valley to score me some macarons. I thought about it, and within a 1 block radius, there are 3 different places where you can procure such beauties. There's La Boulange, Miette, and Paulette.

These are from Paulette. The colors were so vibrant and beautiful! I bought a lemon and a passionfruit. I am obsessed with passionfruits, so I'll buy anything with pasisonfruit in it. They were both SO scrumptious - fluffy and soft on the outside, juicy and tart on the inside.

I gotta learn how to make these bad boys. They're definitely my new favorite thing.

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