Sunday, September 06, 2009

Jamming at Eat Real

The Eat Real Fest was awesome - a foodie mini-mecca.

It was HOT, so we thought it only appropriate to sample some cold beer. How rad that they served the tastings in a mason jar?

The jam competition was fierce. Actually, I have no idea, but there were about 50 other peach jams, so mine didn't stand a chance. Next year, I'm making my pickles, fo shiz.

the competition table

The canning exchange was a little lame, mostly because everyone participating decided (before I got there) that you should do a 1:1 trade with another canner. Here, you take one of mine and I'll take one of yours....instead of putting them all in a "pot" and if you bring one, you can take one. So everyone sort of stood around the hay bail waiting for someone to budge. Eventually, someone said, "Well, I'll tade you your peach for mine." Which makes me giggle a little. I suppose nobody who brought lavender quince preserves wanted to go home with plain ol' peach. I wouldn't either. So, next year I'll up the ante and bring something a little more exotic and trade-able. I did end up with someone else's peach jam, a pineapple mango chutney (woot!), and a peach-raspberry jam. So silly.

the swapping goods

The food booths were *awesome.* Check out this little unnecessary treat I indulged in - a souped-up s'more.

Hello! We watched this guy pull our mozarella right in front of us. It was still warm!!

A pickle platter

And a gazpacho cone (in my opinion, the greatest snack of all time).

Probably one of my favorite days living in the Bay Area.

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