Friday, August 28, 2009

To Market To Market

Today begins the Eat Real Fest in Oakland. D and I are going on a special date to the Foraging and Canning Exchange where I will be trading off these jars of peach jam for (hopefully) something a little more exotic....or something savory. We have enough jam in this house to last us a decade or more!

I used the Perfect Peach Jam recipe in the Ferry Plaza Cookbook. And the recipe says it will take about 1 hour, but it took me about 3. So, I will probably just stick to the Certo recipes from now on (wham, bam, throw in some pectin and boil, thank you mam!). The jam I made is quite delicious, but if you gotta life to lead, maybe this isn't the recipe for you....lucky for me...

There is also an ice cream social tonight (which I wouldn't miss for the world, especially on this particularly hot day). And over the weekend there seems to be tons of cool stuff going on. Depending on how tonight goes, I may try to go for a few hours before work tomorrow.

See you there? Toodles!

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