Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is It Too Much?

Well, here it is. I'm basically all done shopping and wrapping. Of course, I will probably come up with a brilliant (involved) gift idea tonight or tomorrow and bust my tail until Christmas morning. But for now, I think I'm done. Tomorrow I schlep them all to San Luis Obispo!

Is it too much?

This years package theme: brown postal wrap, red & white bakers twine, and Avery tags stamped with recipient's initials. Ooh, how I love those Avery tags!

(Monica, this one's for you!)

And could it be Christmas without the high-kicking skeleton angel? Don't think so...

After Christmas, I'll reveal a couple of the projects I had going on this year. Until then, and if I don't post again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays! Hope to see you again next year!

Fourth Breakfast

LilacClouds said...

at least you're done, I'm carting half done project to Grover Beach, to be done tongight and tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

Darren said...

Yes, it is too much...too much so much ;)