Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Woman About Town

It took me a while, but I really love living in the City. Here's one reason why: Dine About Town. You can indulge in a 4-star lunch for $22 (without bevvy).

My friend, Sarah, and I had a delicious lunch at Asia de Cuba at the Clift. I felt like an imposter (it was so chic), but maaaan was it fabulous! Ok, we didn't get out of there for $22, but it was a delightful, delicious afternoon.

Other Dine About Town dinners I've tasted: XYZ, First Crush, Tablespoon, and tonight Le Colonial.

Update: We ended up going to Roy's instead. The macadamia nut Ahi was delish - but next time, I'm getting the shrimp. And the molten chocolate cake was enough to bring me back. Now that I think about it, I could just have a cocktail and that cake for dinner. Date, anyone?

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Jenny said...

mmm. I haven't done the Dine about town yet. What am I waiting for?