Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wooly Bag for Robyn

You were probably starting to think this was a "What's Sara Eating Now?" Blog...but no. My inspiration to re-start blogging was to showcase my latest creations (I suppose food could be included.... I do have a lasagna in the oven if you're interested...)

This is a herringbone wool tote I made for my nursing friend, Robyn. It has a red interior and I am in love with it! I think Robyn loved it too...

I bought the fabric from this cute little neighborhood quilt store, Peapod fabrics, around the corner from my house (Most of the website is in Japanese, but come see for yourself next time you're in the neighborhood).


robyn said...

I do love it so much! I carry it everywhere. Thanks Sara!

Jenny said...

great looking bag!