Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Peasant Pies

Ok, here we go with the food again...But, I just have to say, I love peasant pies. That's all there is to it! They're inexpensive, delicious, convenient, healthy, tidy, they keep for days in the fridge, and they're good hot or cold (of course, I prefer my food hot & toasty). Perfect airplane and picnic food...or housewarming or on-the-go...or rainy day or dropped-in-guests. Ok, essentially, they're good any time, any place.

My favorites are: Basque Beef & Potato, Spinach Feta, Black Bean Tofu, Spicy Eggplant & my new favorite, Orzo Primavera. You can buy them at the Peasant Pie shop, or at many health food stores around the City.

You should try one.

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