Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ze Duvet iz Done

I time-activated that duvet business this morning - and though it took much longer than I anticipated it would, I am in love with it!! (p.s. that stripey pillow is not even finished - it's just laying over top the pillow for effect, until I can time-activate that one too)

I made 3 panels for the front, and see how the little patterns match up so nicely? (this is why it took me 4 hours, instead of the anticipated 2)

I just used a white duvet cover I already had for the back. I extended it with a leftover strip from the front. (Yipes, those shams - no so goot with the duvet)

The stripe can go either way - so fancy. I intended it to go horizontally, but I think I prefer it vertically.


...onto more projects...

1 comment:

Kat said...

Sarita- I LOVE the Duvet! I lub it- I lub it- I lub it! I definitely like the vertical stripe too. You are Amazing!