Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Apricot Zeal

I love apricots.

My friend Jenelle (and her 4 year old son) taunt me in June and July about all the apricots on their tree, "oh, we're going to cut it down...oh, the limbs are breaking with all the fruit....oh we threw out so many apricots on the ground." That's it! I'm driving to San Jose to get me some apricots!

Upon arrival, the tree was OVERFLOWING with apricots...branches with strings of apricots down them. I probably picked 20 lbs of apricots and didn't even scratch the surface of what that tree held. It was one of my best days ever!

When I got home, I made 24 jars of jam! Yipes. (Act surprised, y'all when you get a jar for Christmas...or your birthday...or as a thank you...or...) I dehydrated about 6 dozen in my Snackmaster Junior Food Dehydrator (this thing RULES!)...

...I pureed a bunch for my new baby niece, for when she graduates to solids, and I still have about 5 lbs for eating.

And check out these awesome little squatties I found, for "contemporary" canners.

I think I may have fed my appetite for apricots... this year at least.

And did I mention this jam is RIDICULOUSLY delicious?? The best I've ever had. If you need the recipe, give a holler!

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