Tuesday, June 26, 2007

They Do

My dear friends Karen and Scott were married this weekend in Lake Tahoe. Man, was everything beautiful. The setting, the food, the decorations, the dress, the vows, the weather. All of it, perfect.

The backdrop = Lake Tahoe and the mountains. Can you even stand it?

Karen made every guest a personalized pin...conversation starters, if you will. Mine said, "Cubanita" & Darren's had a child's drawing of a doctor.

She also spent days making tissue paper flowers in greens and blues, which were simple and lovely. They didn't smell, but the coffee beans they sat upon smelled scrumptious!

One of my favorite things was that Karen wore rhinestone-studded flip flops. It was so "Karen." Darren's favorite thing was that there was no dancing.

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