Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jammin' (and so on)

"So, what did you do this morning?"
"I made jam. What did you do?"

This is not an uncommon conversation. In fact, early in my nursing classes, I confessed that I blanched peaches instead of reading, and so it became the joke the remainder of the program. *hands up* I admit it - I'm unusual!

So, what did I do this morning? Well, while I was waiting for my oil to be changed, I was strolling around the neighborhood and saw this little mom 'n' pop produce market. Big box of discarded apricots....hmmmm.

"Hi there. Just curious what you were going to do with all those apricots."
"You want them?"
"Yes, please!"

And here I am making my most favorite jam from, of all places, an Amy (and David) Butler Jam & Jelly book. If I just lost you, this book is how it all started...

When I was in Virginia 3 years ago, I went to Border's Books. Near the front register, were stacks of the discounted books. I have always loved to make jam, and I saw this book (for $4.95 - thankyouverymuch) and just loved the layout. Who was this Amy and David Butler? Art of the Midwest? I researched and fell upon Amy Butler's fabrics, Reprot Depot, blogs, and the whole rest of this obsession is history.

Silly story, I know. And that $4.95 has turned into hundreds after that Amy Butler snowball.

But, the apricots were free.

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