Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recycled Art

Ok, this is my last post about Honduras. But... you know when you go someplace, you don't want to bring home crappy souvenirs for people, such as the shellacked seashell pillbox, or the keyholder with Honduran currency embedded in it. You want something authentic, made in that country, by people from that country. I was so excited to stumble upon this gift shop in Roatan that sold these (and other work like it):

This artist designs pieces from recycled materials (metal, wood, stone). Many of her pieces, like this one, are created by Honduran women. And a portion of her proceeds goes toward helping battered women. So, you can feel good about beautifying your home, bringing home a legit souvenir, being environmentally responsible, supporting a good cause, and supporting the local economy.

I hadn't realized it until now, but I have noticed her work at Hands Gallery, in San Luis Obispo for years now. I even own some of her products! ...Small world.

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