Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

There are some days I just kick myself because I just can't motivate... and at the end of the day, I have nothing to show. It's so depressing. Well, today I made up for all those days. I had the manic day of all days... and it ain't over, y'all.

I got up, went to Bar Method, washed my car (inside and out), ate lunch with Darren, put elastic in the waistband of my new dress, went to the library & checked out 2 books, went to the drug store, produce market, came home & made myself a mojito, and some cilantro dip from Everyday Food.

Then, I was in the caribbean spirit, so I made some baked plantain chips (came out so-so). Then the oven was on (I'm trying to be green), and I had some extra butterscotch chips, so I made a couple dozen peanut butter butterscotch cookies (again, from Everyday Food). Meanwhile, steaming a couple artichokes & doing a load of laundry...which I'll get to.

I have been trying to get rid of magazines, so I was weeding out my Everyday Food recipes, when I came across cherry turnovers. Well, well, whaddaya know? I have all those ingredients! And the oven is still on, I'll just whip up some of those.

So, now that the turnovers are almost done, they day is still young, so I'm gonna get the fabric I just washed out of the dryer and make a bag I was imagining in my mind during thigh-work at Bar Method (it was my happy place).

So, that's my day so far (I love not working sometimes). It's a good thing my favorite little fabric store was closed - there might have been problems and unnecessary purchasing. Trust me, there are days I can count my accomplishments on one finger...but it's just so much better to be manic! Doncha think?

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