Friday, June 15, 2007

UFOs be Gone!

UFO = Unfinished Objects

I have a lot of them, but that's all a-changing. Manic Monday turned into an entire WEEK of maniacal behavior.

When I organized all my fabric a few weeks back, I also had enough UFOs to fill a good-sized rubbermaid. Two of which are blankets. This first one was supposed to be one of the two I promised to Sister Bernice for Lent. I ended up giving her one I had made ages ago in lieu of this one.

The red plaid squares are from a pair of Old Navy PJs I bought for $1.99 after Valentine's Day. So silly. And did you notice the "paint by number" fabric?

And this blanket, well, it's for someone special. I modeled it after this blanket, using her suggestion to back with knit. It is luxuriously cozy, but a bit challenging to sew with. I also liked her idea for a "toy tag".

The woven bit was the drawstring from those $1.99 old navy PJ bottoms. So resourceful, right? And lastly, the goldfish are symbolic, not just because they're totally adorable but, because (you ready for one of my longish/short stories?) I belong to a group of girls someone once called us the "Twitty Committee" and the name stuck. It's rumored (tho not likely true, but we like it anyhow) a twit is a pregnant goldfish. So, for a new little junior Twit (though he's a boy), he gets a blankie with goldfishies.

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