Friday, March 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished

My less-expensive, but more time-consuming interpretation of this blanket is all done! Yay!

This was supposed to be a simple, quick, easy quilt. But then I went ahead and decided to piece the top - as in, cut up a perfectly good stretch of fabric to then sew it back together know, for visual interest. And then I tried to be "green" and "resourceful" by using a leftover duvet cover as the backing, which I'm not sure was cotton, that stretched and wrinkled and puckered all over the place - it's sort of a disgrace, really.

Yes, this is the top - big and simple (or, as we would say in our house, "big ole, simple ole" or "biggly ole, simply ole"...and "wrinkly ole!"). And you can't see my "visually interesting" patchwork, but it's there and really interesting. Trust me.

The back:

sidenote: I did utilize my 11th grade clothing and textiles skills to burn the fabric to try and figure out the fiber components - I think the white backing is 100% cotton after all.

Long story long, the top of the quilt turned out exactly as I envisioned it (despite all my perfectionistic whining). The back of the quilt, well, should probably never be seen. But is definitely soft, and 100% made of fabric I already had lying around, of which I am proud.

How long do you suppose it will be before I start cutting a new quilt? I think probably tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt.

Fourth Breakfast

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Sara!! It has been way too long! I love this so much ... even the back. ; )