Tuesday, March 03, 2009

There Was Eating...

...Lots of eating.

And one of the more memorable things I ate while in NY was this:

A chorizo, chive, and manchego scone-ish muffin from Sweet Revenge. I will, without fail, order anything if it contains chorizo or manchego. Chorizo and manchego, you have never let me down.

We happened to order one of the only savory things in the case, but we really stopped by to pick up some cupcakes (I highly recommend the peanut buttery [sweet revenge] one and the raspberry velvet [crimson & cream]). I do believe I saw the words "mojito" and "sangria" on the bar menu as well, which are two more of my favorite go-to "foods."

I mean seriously, is this place not heaven? Cupcakes and mojitos? Sounds like dinner to me.

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