Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Unexpectedly...

I finished the quilt!! And it's not Christmas 2008 yet, so I fulfilled my promise only 11.5 months late. Excuse the quality of the's dark out.

The top is the Denyse Schmidt Ice Pops quilt from her book. I used only Kona Cottons, with one exception (the gratuitous polka-dot representation).

The back - which I love so much that I might just make more like this! So much faster. Inspired by these, of course

The binding I did in a solid blue.

*High Kick* I'm so excited to have finished this. Well, yes, not only excited that it's done, but also because it was my biggest/longest-taking project yet, and also because I can't wait to give it to D (not like he hasn't seen it 100 times already, but whatever). He can actually, officially use it. A nice light-weight quilt, just in time for winter. Awesome.

Merry Christmas 2007, D!

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kkp623 said...

TWO super high-kicks!!! It looks awesome!! And all of your other projects look great.