Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fused Plastic Bag Obsession

I'm not sure where I found the idea to fuse plastic bags, but I tried it and now I'm obsessed. I found the tutorial here. Basically, you iron 4 or 5 plastic bags together between layers of wax paper to make a thicker, more durable plastic "fabric." Check this one out - it's way cool. I'm not that sophisticated a fuser yet.

Malia and I experimented with it over Christmas and then I had to make more and more. So this morning, I made these:

A lunchbag:

(I told my coworker that I made it before work, and she told me I made her feel like less of a woman - I thought that was funny...I mean, of course it's not true)

I love this back part the best:

Then I made a toiletry clutch for traveling:

The inside:

I also made another lunch bag, but I don't like it so much. And I also made a little black pouch to keep in my purse for receipts and coupons and junk like that....but I'm too lazy to get my camera out again.

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