Monday, December 29, 2008


Earlier in the season, my family had proposed a handmade Christmas, so you know I was fired up about that one... well, then they changed their minds, but I had already started some of my gifts, so I kept with it. I probably have an unfair advantage anyhow (by that, I mostly mean an abundance of free time). Here are the goods I made for my family:

For my sister, the Amy Butler layered Barcelona skirt. The print is so "her." I almost couldn't part with it, but I know it will be I'll probably borrow it every time I visit her.

And you already sort of saw these, but I did decide upon the pears and everyone got an M shirt - even the American Girl doll, Molly, and the doll I gave Maile, whose name doesn't necessarily start with an "M" (she has no name thus far). Notice how Malia's (the bigger one - and the pear really goes on the L corner) is already worn and wrinkly? She put it on immediately and that made me immensely happy.

The girls also got these brown corduroy skirts, and blue ones too - Makaio got little blue pants to match.

Malia helped with this one. We call him "Monkaio." He's our little sock monkey made of the same soft yarn that Makaio's favorite blankies are made of. Look at those poor little gorked ears.

I made this tote for D's mom. It has a cute little pocket inside for keys or a little cash stash. I have a lot of Ms in my life, don't I?

And lastly, though I think this was the first gift idea I had, BBQ spice rubs for my brother-in-law. He's a grillin' man, so I hope he thinks they're delicious.

I hope everyone loved their gifts. I certainly loved making and giving them.

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cryitout said...

such cute clothes!