Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auntie's Workshop

There's nothing like a deadline (Christmas) to motivate me into a sewing frenzy...

One of my friends is friends with a major rock star (seriously) and she asked me to make gifts for his children (no pressure!!). The girls got matchy-matchy bohemian-ish aprons:

Basically the same, but just different enough that they can tell them apart (they're twins).

...And the boy, a manly tie thermal.

And for my friend, Dianne (that's pronounced Di-Annie), her friend just had a baby named Sofia. And being the thoughtful person that she is, she wanted a matching shirt for older sister, Ella. Are those names to die for or what?? Thanks, Dianne!

And lastly, this little semi-homemade tote for my singing group's gift exchange. Kristy ended up with it, which is perfect because her fiance's last name is Bartlett! (Hi, Ish!)

I forgot to photograph the little pockets I sewed to the inside...so if you're going to the market, you can just slip your phone and your cash into the bag and leave the whole purse behind.

I made one other thing, but I can't show you just yet... I think I need a nap anyhow.

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