Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Happening in Soledad

Do you know how many years I have been trying to capture this photo?? I've unsuccessfully taken the drive-by-with-the-hand-out-the-sunroof shot and the through-the-windshield shot on several occasions, and on the fourth drive to San Luis Obispo with D, he finally just said, "Let's just pull over. We'll get you this photo once and for all." He's such a genius.

Is this not the greatest billboard of all time???

It hasn't changed in my lifetime, I'm sure of that. Check out that 70s font! For whatever reason (irony, tackiness, nostalgia, dependability) I just love this billboard. If they sold, "it's happening in Soledad" T-shirts, I would totally wear, every day. And if there were Soledad mugs, it would be my favorite mug.

Of course, the time we finally pull over, the arrows are pointing to a bunch of holiday crap (so we cropped that part), but usually, there are 2 things happening in Soledad - the Mission and the prison. Ok, that's a lie...because obviously there's a Starbucks too.


Anonymous said...

This from the same girl who was jazzed over her "Virginia is for lovers" T-shirt. Having grown up in Pennsylvania (VA's commonwealth neighbor), I just couldn't understand it...I think I see the light now.

Big Joe said...

Yes! I've driven by this sign for 11 years and it has always intrigued me. For me, what was happening in Soledad was the gas station and, as you pointed out, Starbucks. Not nearly enough to necessitate a billboard in my opinion.

Fantastic photo, too.

Geoffrey said...

Auntie Fafa -

i think i will make your day... here is where you can get a soledad tshirt...

i too have been extremely fascinated by the sign, having driven by it for many years - I went so far as to drive around soledad looking for a tshirt (i was told by someone at the gas station that the woman at the public pool had the hook-up! but alas, after several calls, my dream remained unrealized... UNTIL TODAY!!!)