Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saving the World, One Cozy at a Time

The big quilt has been sent away (fingers crossed!) for quilting. It should be back early this week! I can hardly stand it.

So I've been making coffee cozies to keep my hands busy. What I love most about the cozies is that they're all made of fabric I've used for other projects (so stash-bustery and green, right?)...Malia's dress, Maile's kimono, Emily's skirt, a dress, quilt pieces and quilt backs, etc.

This one is my favorite. This is the kind of thing I do in bed after I get home from work. Just a little tiny, quiet project to wind down with (inspired by these).

I freehanded it. Just started stitching. It's a little roundy-moundy, but I forgive myself because the flower is just so cute.

I have elminated this was more of a soapbox anyhow. Sorry if I offended.

Ok, now go save the planet.

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dianne said...

so you should know I felt like a total celebrity when I bought coffee today and pulled out your cozy...that little embroidered strawberry is just so cute! YAY!