Monday, June 02, 2008

City Chic Baby Blankie

The blankie is done & I love it!

Clearly, I'm a novice, so I don't know if "real" quilters wash their quilts before giving them as gifts (yes? no? anyone?) ...but I think it's the right thing to do, considering how many places a quilt is schlepped and laid out on its way to completion (future recipient, I'm talking places like the living room floor, don't be grossed out!)- especially if for a baby. Plus, I think it looks so much more awesome and lovable once its washed and wrinkly.

Just try to get me to resist polka dots - I dare you!

And I found this awesomely soft (and green!) bamboo-cotton blend print for the backing at PeaPod. I have never been so decisive.

I think I need one of these for myself.


Elaine said...

I love it! You are SO creative and talented!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the binding and the backing.

Fourth Breakfast

oliviaNewton said...
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Monica said...

so who was the lucky recipient of this beauty?