Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recordable Television, I Love You

I'm not an "animal person," but I can appreciate the feeling of being welcomed home every day, unconditionally....because I feel this way about my DVR. And you know how sometimes kitties leave you "treats" (read: dead mice and birds) on your porch? Well, it's kind of like that when you have a show waiting for you when you get home...except better in so many ways.

I used to DVR Oprah, but this just got too out of hand...backed up shows 'til Kingdom Come. I had to cut that habit, though she was definitely my most loyal of all DVRs.

On my DVR menu (this is where you see that I am both a child and an old lady in one - diverse, I call it):

The Office
So You Think You Can Dance
A couple of sewing/quilting shows
John and Kate + 8 (Team Hannah!)
Hell's Kitchen

I think my list covers my need for good humor, a little voyeurism, education, and strict entertainment. Plus, I like to think of it as Pop Culture homework - and I've always been a great student...

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