Sunday, June 29, 2008

Posh Camping

I think the official term is "glamping," and we did it this week. We went to Costanoa for a little R&R after a 7-day work stretch (for me) and a year-long work stretch for D, who just finished chief residency. Besides being a frigid icy tundra (slight exaggeration) on the California coast, per the usual in the summer, it was quite an awesome experience.

Each tent cabin is outfitted with a queen-sized bed, heated mattress pad, down bedding, towels, reading lights. If this is roughing it too much for you, there are also wooden cabins or a lodge you can stay in. And don't worry about bringing food, because there's a lodge you can dine in. There is hiking, biking, kayaking, and yoga offered at the site too.

The "comfort stations" (aka, bathrooms) have heated concrete floors, hot (free) showers inside and outside, a sauna, and a fire place with adirondack chairs. The groundspeople set up all the logs and the matches so all you have to do is strike a match and light the fire. In 5 minutes, you're stuffing s'mores in your face.

Yes (Jenelle), I know this is not real camping.

Next time, I want to stay in one of these 2 cabins - they were in Sunset Magazine. And when it's as cold as it was, you need all the greenhouse effect in that tent you can get!

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fourthbreakfast said...

This is totally my kind of camping. Hey, Karen told me about how wonderful your new sewing machine is and I was trying to explain some of the cool things to my sister (DC converter so there is no surge in the pedal, how the needle always stops down) but then I forgot most of the other things. If you ever feel inclined, would love to see a post about the coolness of your machine.