Monday, June 30, 2008

S'Mores 101

How to make the perfect s'more a la Sara:

1. Get your Honey Maid graham cracker and Hershey's chocolate squares ready (these brands are can try others, but I find that these produce the most nostalgic deliciousness. Nothing compares.)

2. Roast your marshmallow over the red embers (avoid homemade/posh marshmallows - awesome for you if you make them, but not good for s'mores. Use Jet-puff or similar brands.), turning until it poofs up and starts blistering brown. Check for doneness by wiggling the marshmallow on the skewer back and forth a little to make sure the whole thing moves as one gooey mess. If there's a hard little lump that doesn't move with your 'mallow, back to the embers it goes.

Now, at this point, you can move to the cracker, but if you're me, you'll stick it in the flame one last time for a nice little scorch. I like mine charred a little bit. This probably comes from years of failed browning, so it's just become an acquired taste for me. Plus, it's much easier to like a burned marshmallow, because there's a better chance of burning it than achieving that perfect golden color.

3. Now move your marshmallow (blow it out first, if ablaze) to the graham cracker + chocolate side, use the non-chocolated graham cracker to help secure your marshmallow while you remove the skewer.

4. Squeeze the sandwich a little so it oozes out the sides, lick it off, and go to town. I love how the chocolate stays a little bit hard.

I probably had about 6 s'mores in 2 nights - but when you get them once a year, and this is in your top 5 favorite foods of all time, you just gotta go for it. I was, indeed, a happy camper.

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