Saturday, November 01, 2008

No I Did Not Just Make a Sock Monkey

Oh yes I did.

(no, he does not have a tracheostomy - aka "hole in his neck")

I have always wanted to make one, and had a weak moment at Beverly's and bought the kit. It's not world's greatest quality, but I like that the sock is cotton and not itchy wool.

Remember my last post, when I whined about all the projects I had going? Yeah, well, this was not one of them, and I used this poor monkey as a procrastination tactic. I used to do that in nursing school...things like blanching peaches instead of studying...typical Sara stuff. I guess it's a way to accomplish something accomplish-able while the rest of your pile seems so unaccomplishable (as of this moment, these are officially real words).

And, I'm happy to announce that I've made a decision for the back of the quilt. I just have to run to the store one. last. time.


Grandma Jan said...

Aw, he's a cute little sock monkey! All the sock monkeys here at Sock Monkey Ranch think so and have suggested you name him before he experiences an identity crisis. It happens, you know...common among sock monkeys. My guess is that he will not be your last sock monkey. I made my first one a year ago and now I'm on number 85!

They've taken over my life and they don't even know how to blanch peaches!

Drop on over to Sock Monkey Ranch some time and say hi to the gang. (

Anonymous said...

Add "making biscotti" to the procrastination during nursing school tactics. I have loved and eaten well due to your procrastination.