Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plate Spinner & Happy Halloween

Ok, let's begin on a perky note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I have some scary little bats hanging around. These are the Wee Wonderfuls "Wee" turned into a bat. So scary, right?

I unfortunately/fortunately am working this Halloween. Unfortunately: I'll miss the trick-or-treaters. Booo! (that's a sad boo, not a scary boo). Fortunately: I get to spend Halloween with some kiddos that need some Halloween spirit.

On an unperky note: I feel like one of those circus acts where I have little poles with spinning plates on my hands, feet, nose, head... I got a little ambitious with the crafting. Er, was unable to resist all the fun things to be made. So, a little progress on everything, and completion of nothing. Isn't it all about product, and not process? Kidding.

I'm having trouble with the quilt back. I can't decide what to do. I've had too many ideas (and the fabric to prove it!) I was thinking something like this. So cool, right? But this might be a better top than back. Decisions, decisions. But, it's almost done - and that's the super-exciting part!

And I'm trying to decide on a machine quilter - any recommendations? Any volunteers?

Ok, gonna break this poopy-pants cycle and go to work (where the sun shines). Have a great Halloween!! If you have too many twix bars, you could give them to me. I don't mind.

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