Friday, October 03, 2008

Not Exactly a Skirt Day...

But I made one anyway. The weather's crummy today, so I thought it fitting to stay inside and sew a little (oh please, I do not need crappy weather to justify staying in to sew).

I wanted to make my friend (who shall remain unnamed for now) a simple A-line skirt. I had searched for the right pattern, and I found it in Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts patterns. I kept thinking the frayed layered skirt on the front was the only option (which I didn't like at first, but after looking at some of them on Flickr, I think I may make that one too), but was pleased to find it was not.

I didn't want to dive right into the gift skirt, so I made myself a rough draft to see how the sizing went and to dry-run the zipper. I had this Denyse Schmidt fabric sitting in my stash begging to be used (I think I paid like $3/yard - score!). After ripping the zipper and first seam out about 15 or 16 times (literally), I got it. Next time should be better. Good thing I tried it out first. The rest of it came together fairly easily.

And here is the finished product, shortened by about 3 inches - boot- or flip-flop worthy (was so excited I was finished, I didn't even press it):

My fear was that it wouldn't lie flat at the belly, but it did.

Sneak peak of the next one - should be nice and Autumnal, but also appropriate for Spring/Summer:

Good times.

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