Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's Got (Preppy) Legs

I know somebody who just learned to crawl (yay!). I thought she deserved a little fashionable knee protection until she's off and running.

I saw the leggies idea here and the tutorial here - super easy. And I couldn't just give a pair of leggies with nothing to wear them with, could I? Plus, the argyle onesie was something I had been wanting to make after a collaboration with my loyal customer, Lisa Flo.

I didn't anticipate hand-stitching the red, but I am so glad I did! It's not perfectly symmetrical, but I am so over symmetrical (I have to keep telling my Virgo self this).


Jill said...

I REALLY love that onesie. So cute!

Lisa Flo said...

OMG...this is amazing. I can't wait for the next baby so I can commission some of these too!