Friday, October 24, 2008

It Was Supposed to be So Simple

I had the whole thing planned out - it was going to be a 1-hour project. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I made the last kimono shirt, I couldn't remember the nuances of my jankey homemade pattern.

So, it ended up taking 3 days (piece-meal), but I'm sort of please with the outcome. Please don't look at any of the inside seams, or anything at all really with a close eye (hence the strategically placed label), because this is not my finest work. But I do plan on trying it again learning from my many, many mistakes.

This shirt is made from an XL pajama top that I bought for $5 at a pajama sale (yes, a pajama sale). I knew it would be repurposed, but didn't know just how at the time. And I thought this project would be so simple because I cut out my pieces so that the edges were already overlocked and the hems already...well, hemmed.

Sleeve cut from a sleeve:

The ruffled collar (which I love, love, love) is made of leftover binding (surprise, surprise). And I had just the perfect amount. And so it evolved into this:

I did just get Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones for my birthday (thank you kkp and sp) and there is a kimono shirt pattern in there. Maybe I should try that one instead...but yay for me for trying, right?!

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