Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Manic Monday

I take every Monday off because I rehearse in the evenings (and I work evenings). And I think it might actually be my favorite day of the week because I always get so much done...and my mood is directly correlated with my personal productivity (not really, but sort of).

Today I finished & sent off the skirt for my still unnamed friend. She should be receiving it this week! It's supposed to be a Christmas present, but I just got too excited. Plus, there may be a couple skirt days left, but definitely not by Christmas.

I also made yogurt from the recipe in this month's Ready Made.

Soooper easy. Rooms forgot they were in the oven and preheated it (they sit in there for 6-12 hours with oven off) - so may have to try it again, but that's OK. I think they'll be fine. So far the yogurt tastes mild and milky-flavored, and a little thin. I have one bowl in the fridge and one on the counter at room temp. I'm experimenting to see which one does better (post-preheat).

Update: The bowl I left on the counter for an extra 3 hours firmed up nicely and tastes a bit more tart (but still very mild). I like it much better. And it doesn't appear the accidental warm-up did any damage (it was only luke-warm anyhow). Good to know...

And lastly, I pieced D's quilt. Still need top and side borders, but I'm contemplating making the quilt a little bigger. And then there's the back and binding (I'm sending it out for quilting - is that cheating?). The point is, I made progress on it.

Chickety-check my corners!! I love that!

Ok, off to sing my little heart out!

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