Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Dangerous Medium

This week, we had a craft/bake sale to raise money for our PICU Holiday Party. I donated coffee cozies, a couple aprons, some ginger biscotti, and some apple gallettes. It was quite lucrative for the unit, as it was for me. I managed to make off with this fabulous needlepoint kit for a steal of a price. Yes, I feel a little guilty, but if I didn't snatch it, someone else would have, and apparently I'm just selfish like that.

I started working on it immediately upon arriving home (bee in bonnet). It was donated by the same Ramona who made my fingerless sleeves. And, she told me that whoever gave her the kit also prepaid to have it made into a pillow cushion. SCORE!

One of the girls at work saw me working on it and asked, "Why would you want a pillow with a beet on it?" And I asked, "Why wouldn't I??" It's just so fabulous.

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