Friday, August 17, 2007

Miss Malia's Dress

D and I spent the weekend at our Nacimiento Lake house with my family (photos to come). We had so much fun eating, hanging out, swimming, and going out in the boat. Except for the dead bat in my bedroom, it was a perfect weekend.

Anyhow, the dress... Malia had this cutest dress on from Old Navy. Poor thing didn't have it on but 10 minutes before I asked her to take it off so I could duplicate it. She graciously agreed. Here's the original dress (a bit wrinkled):

And here's the duplicated dress.

I used some Denyse Schmidt fabric I bought at Beverly's for $1.99/yard (Shhh...I don't think they know what's up with Denyse. I felt a little like I stole it... I should have "stole" more!) for an unknown project... I did it without a pattern (yay!), but I did have to redo the bodice twice.

Anyhow, I'm pleased with it... just don't look on the inside :) Soon I'll have a serger (birthday idea!!).

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