Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Ok, while I'm still very preoccupied with finding a place to live, I felt the proverbial fire lit under my booty to blog again with Kate's shout-out. Kate has a larger audience, so now I might have more than 6 readers (thank you to those 6 - I do love you so!) And chickety check her photography out - it's SO FUN!!

So, here's my latest creation - ta-da!!

This was the kit that Emily and I bought together at the Stichin' Post in Sisters, OR. It was a really easy quilt pattern (it helped to have a photo of what the finished product should look like). The hardest part was cutting out the fabric - I always get so scared of cutting something wrong (but I didn't!). I just laid the pieces out on the floor, and stitched them 2 pieces at a time, so I wouldn't have to keep clipping my thread (cheating? probably.) Kept on doing that until it was done!

I would (and will) definitely make this again, however, next time I will modify the length a little so that I don't have to sew 2 long strips together, just to get them 1 inch longer... hard to explain, check out what I mean. Sometimes I was good about matching up the patterns....

And sometimes not so much...

I think this is my favorite part...the little Russian nesting dolls print by Heather Ross.

I backed the whole thing with a light yellow Heather Ross floral, because her fabrics are just so stinkin soft! I wasn't supposed to bind it, but I thought it would look nicer - and I was right - ha!

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