Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chez Panisse

Guess where I ate lunch yesterday??

Thank you to my great friend Kat who time-activated this culinary adventure. It was rumored that Alice was lunching in the house. (wait a second...who cooked my meal??? Just kidding.)

I forgot to snap a shot of the appetizer, which was a tomato & eggplant soup with a swirl of yogurt. There probably wasn't time to take a photo, I devoured it so quickly. Trust me, it was as beautiful as it was delicious. (The photos aren't so great, because I was trying not to be a TOTAL nerd by turning the flash off - I was only a partial nerd for taking the photos in the first place)

Here's the California sea bass with morels and parsley served with turnips, carrots, and potatoes - heavenly!

And for dessert - peaches with creme anglaise and toased almonds

Mmmmmmmm..... time to take a nap.

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