Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homemade Energy Bars

It's an exciting day today because I just made my own energy bars! They taste a little Cliff Bar-esque, but not quite as moist or as sweet (a good thing).

I used this recipe from Sunset Magazine. And, per the usual, I didn't make the recipe as written (I'm a rebel like that). I used raisins instead of cranberries (it's what I had), pecans instead of peanuts, orange zest instead of lemon, and I used a few dates to supplement the figs. You could probably mix things up quite a bit - and even throw some chocolate chips in there for good measure.

For all you over-achieving soccer moms out there, I think you should probably make these for an after-game treat.. unless anyone on your team has a nut, dairy, wheat, or egg allergy or if they're under 1 year of age. Then they wouldn't be so good.

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Kirsten said...

OH YUM!! I think I'm going to have to try those! I've started treating myself "nicer" - so those would be a great treat for a fast breakfast. And I'm sure my monsters would love them!!!