Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

Remember when I said I was going to try to use the things I already had instead of buying more? Because I already have so much? Yeah. So, I've mostly been good, except...

Well, there was some drama (and maybe some crying) about my sewing machine and someone who wanted to dismantle my entire machine (and therefore charge me bundles) in order to resolve a simple jam and remove a broken needle which came out simply by my turning it upside down...(the jam did not resolve).

And so I decided to drive the hour to Eddie's to have the real deal fix my machine. Turns out it was a super-simple problem that was fixed within 30 seconds. I almost cried this time too, but because I was so relieved and because it was perhaps the greatest customer service experience of all time (Obviously, I super-highly recommend this place if you live in the Bay Area).

(Am I totally geeking out right now?)

...To make this long story long, I was so happy, I just wanted to buy something from this guy! So, after seeing this, I have been coveting this fabric. My version will be way less cool, but I just had to use this fabric. So think of it not as "falling off the wagon" or a "moment of weakness," but as an "gesture of gratitude."

Oh, yeah. I bought this too. Thought it would make sweet little napkins.

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