Friday, January 02, 2009

Year of the Matryoshka?

D bought me a couple of Japanese craft books for Christmas (yay!) - we have no idea what they say, but good thing the illustrations are clear. One is a household craft book and the other is a stamping book.

After looking through (I can't exactly use the word reading) the stamping book, I was instantly inspired to use the rubber block and carving tool (clearly, I am not an artist...I have no idea what the real names are) I had in my craft bin downstairs to make this:

Is that not so cute? It's about 1,000 times the size and about 1/1,000 as intricate as the ones in the book, but I thought it a good first effort, and I'm definitely up for more. I love the little bits around the image that showed up on the stamp.

So, maybe this will be the year of the matryoshka obsession for me. First the measuring cups and now this. Hmm.

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