Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Bit Crazy

The other day I was sick. Like, sick sick. Like, can't-even-make-it-to-the-sewing-machine sick. So I slept until 5:45 PM and then slept through the night again, waking up a little here and there (which should be expected considering I slept 17 hours just a few hours earlier). Anyhow, in one of my here-and-there awake moments, I was thinking about projects I should work on once I start feeling better (that, in itself is a little "sick").

I have this quilt I made a while back (apparently I was sick last time I worked on it as well). It was my first go at the new walking foot, and I think I was ready to just be done with it (as it goes with me and projects), so I quilted it in this lame spiral (aka get 'er done) square pattern. Dissatisfied in the middle of the night, I planned out in my head how I would take the binding off of the top and bottom (to ensure the binding still fit) and quilt it with vertical lines instead.

As soon as I was able, I ripped off the binding, un-quilted it, re-quilted it, and re-bound. I am so crazy. I mean, who un-quilts a quilt to re-quilt it? Maybe I was still a little sick in the head.

I just washed it up and love it much better. I'm re-inspired to gift it out. How can you not love a wrinkly linen front and a yummy corduroy back? Ok, it's cream, not ideal for a baby or a floor, but whatever...

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